Frankenstein, or ‘Modern Prometheus’ Audio Book Review

Frankenstein AudiobookCastle Frankenstein also known as Modern Prometheus is actually 1 of the most popular novels on the planet. The novel was written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Its’ main story concerns one Victor Frankenstein, who is a scientist who happens joins a university so as to study philosophy and chemistry. Victor Frankenstein decides to build or rather create a really grotesque monster which later becomes his greatest foe. Victor Frankenstein has absolutely no idea that this very powerful creature will actually destroy his life and the lives of those he loves the most. This great novel is quite popular in Audiobook format.

The popular audiobook version of the novel tells you just how Frankenstein came to be. The Frankenstein book is infused with elements of gothic novel and romantic movement, and is considered to be among the early examples of audiobook science fiction. It has also been argued that this Frankenstein novel should considered as the first real science fiction story because unlike in the previous stories which have fantastical elements which resemble the ones of later science fictions, the central character makes an actual deliberate decision and turns to the modern experiments in his laboratory so as to achieve some fantastic results. This book has had quite a considerable influence all across the popular culture and literature, and has spawned a full genre of films, horror stories and plays.

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein novel is certainly one of the very greatest novels to ever be written, and the Frankenstein audiobook is definitely one of the audiobooks you should not skip. The Frankenstein audiobook story basically shows that if you play God, you may destroy your very own life, and even the lives of those you love. Some audiobook fans will find Victor Frankenstein to be a really excellent scientist who transgresses the boundaries without any fear and even manages to build or create something which nobody has ever created before. Some other audiobook fans may say that Victor was a total lunatic, who is incapable of dealing effectively with the problems which he himself caused. Just listen to the Frankenstein audiobook and get to make your very own judgment regarding Victor Frankenstein.

The audiobook story is basically read by several different people, enabling you to easily differentiate all the characters. It’s always obvious who’s speaking. All of the readers in the audiobook have a smooth and clear voice. The readers also have varying accents thus making the reading quite interesting. They also pace themselves excellently. The readers know where they need to speed up a bit so as to make this fascinating story sound much more dramatic, and they know exactly where to go slow for you to pay keen attention to all the details of this amazing story.

Fall in Love With The Fifty Shades Of Grey Audiobook

Fifty Shades of Grey Audio BookFifty Shades of Grey is a trilogy written by E.L. James that is the source of inspiration for the popular movie with the same name. People who have not read the book can now listen to Fifty Shades of Grey online free. The erotic novel presents Anastasia Steel, a 21 years old literature student who interviews a business man by the name of Christian Grey. The interview is a favor for the roommate of Anastasia named Kate Kavanagh, who needs it for the campus magazine.

Christian Grey proves to be a powerful, beautiful and intimidating individual. On the other hand, Ana is a beautiful, naive, shy and innocent lady. While she thinks that the interview went bad because she was intimidated by Grey, she soon realizes that she desperately fell in love with him. Despite Grey’s warning to stay away from him, Ana desires him more and more. Eventually, Grey admits that he wants her too, being attracted by her innocence and her beauty. He wants her, but only under certain conditions, because he has unique erotic tastes that will eventually shock her. Caught in a world of wealth and economic success, he is person who cannot escape his need to always be in control of things and people.

Ana and Grey finally start a passionate affair, one that will make her discover some of her darkest sexual desires. She will succumb to the desires and control of her master. Fifty Shades of Grey is an incredible story that will impress many people and will leave traces in the mind of the reader that may never disappear. It is one of the most complex love stories that you will ever read. Besides the physical format of the trilogy, there are also digital formats such as the audiobook version. No matter if you have seen the movie or not, reading the book or listening to it is a must.

The audiobook version can be great for people who don’t want to read the story, but to listen to it like it would be told by someone else. Narrated by Becca Battoe, the story has many dialogs between Ana and Grey. Both voices are performed by Becca in a great manner. From start to finish, you will listen to nineteen hours of audio. Even if Becca is a woman, she performs Grey’s voice admirably. The voice of other male characters is also handled by her. One of the best things about the audiobook version is that you can listen to Fifty Shades of Grey online free. When you listen to the story, make sure you pay attention to all the details of the first part of the trilogy, as it is the most important.